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Sri SatyaDeva Nursery Sri. Pulla Venkat Rao was born into an ordinary agricultural labourers’ family. Though keen about education, his economic conditions did not permit him and hence he worked as an agricultural labourer since childhood. Hard work and sincerity helped him to progress from an agricultural labourer to a tenant farmer and a producer of quality flowers and vegetables. Quality consciousness, which became the hallmark of Sri Sri Satyadeva Nursery, was the driving spirit that made this man supplier of quality fruit and flower plants to farmers. With the help of flower merchants like Sri Boye Tata Rao he slowly progressed into an independent farmer and started Sri Sri Satyadeva Nursery in the year 1950. Married to Verayamma, Sri. Venkat Rao had three sons and two daughters. With the support of his sons, who came of age, he turned Sri Sri Satyadeva Nursery into one of the biggest nurseries in India transforming it into a brand that supplies high quality plants. Society has recognized his hard work and sincerity with many awards and rewards.

  • No customer, whether an individual connoisseur of indoor plants or a bulk purchaser, ever leaves Sri Satyadeva Nursery without feeling immense satisfaction for the service he received.
  • Best Hospitality Customers depending on the hour they are in the nursery or the time they spend in nursery will not leave it hungry.
  • Best Production The production practices in Sri Satyadeva Nursery have become bench marks for the entire nursery industry.
  • Clean and Weed free farm.
  • Experienced Team, Clean and Weed free farm.
Mr.Pulla Anjaneyulu (Abbulu)

Veerabahu, Rajashekar